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Hello!! January 8, 2012

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Hi! I guess I should start off with an introduction huh? Well, my name is Stefanie. I am a wife and a mother, to an incredible four-year old boy. We recently relocated to a new home and I will start my new job tomorrow! I am a little hesitant as I have stayed home with my son for the past 8 months and I know I am going to have some serious separation anxiety! My new job salary is less then what I was making at my last job but more than my stay at home salary 😉 We needed to get creative with budgeting and I wanted to start this blog to help others in creative ways to make it.

I love to cook. I mean really love it! I enjoy finding new recipes and ways to cook things. Before meeting Mr. frugalfabandfun I didn’t know anything about cooking (in my defense I was only 16) BUT that has all changed. I cook almost every day and seriously love it! I will be sharing my favorite recipes (and the ones that fail) with all of you.

I am also a serial exerciser. What I mean is, I go through spouts of loving to work out and will do it and then, not so much. I don’t like going to a gym so I usually do work out DVD’s at home (which is also my ‘frugal’ part!). I will be doing reviews of exercise DVD’s on this site and let you know what works for me, what holds my attention (did I mention that I have ADHD?!) and what I think is worth the money.

I am a novice couponer as well. This is another way we have cut back without giving up to much. I will give tips and direct you to the sites I depend on most as well. With couponing we buy mostly all brand name items for less then what the generic would cost us. We no longer buy much ‘junk’ food and we do spend a good portion of our food budget on fresh fruit and veggies so my couponing isn’t as ‘extreme’ as others. We have gotten creative with buying our meat and poultry to help cut those costs.

I hope you love my blog. I hope you follow it. And PLEASE contact me with any topics you would like me to cover or discuss.


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