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Sewing Challenge for 2012 January 16, 2012

Filed under: crafting — frugalfitmom @ 10:59 am

As I was looking at some sewing blogs I came across Fun with Sewing and Maths! They have a 40 item sewing challenge for 2012. This got me thinking – I NEED TO SEW MORE! So I am up for the challenge. You can read more about there challenge on there blog:

I’m going to take a little different approach. While yes, I want to make some garments – I don’t know if it will be mostly garments made. I will be happy with 40 items of what ever I am wanting to make – clothes for me, clothes for Dylan, rice packs (can be used as heating pad or ice pack), new super hero capes – Dylans is getting a little small. What ever I am feeling will go on the list.

So are YOU up for a challenge?



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