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Lets talk couponing January 17, 2012

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My family, like most everyone else, was looking for ways to cut back on our budget. I was lucky enough that my employer held a class on couponing. And then I saw the light – so much money could be saved with some work. There are so many methods and websites out there to assist you in getting started with the basics. For all you southerners, my absolute favorite site is

this one

For the northern stores check out

 this site


In my area, it seams as if there is never any good sales on meat. A neighbor told me about this place in Charlotte called Harvest Discount Foods.  It is run by a local church and proceeds go to helping inner city ministries. Now I was skeptical at first. I thought no way could I get 11 pounds of NY Strip steaks, Rib eye steaks, or filet  for $42 or 11 pounds of hamburger meat for $20. We drove the 25 mins to check it out. Seriously people – best place ever. It wasn’t pretty but the meat was great! They had other stuff as well but they do not take coupons so we just stuck to the meat. The only thing (which is no big deal for us) is you have to cut into individual steaks yourself. I will gladly do that to save THAT much money!


Chicken also never goes below $2.25 a pound here. I found Zaycon foods which hosts events. You buy the products in bulk and get amazing prices. I recently got 40 pounds of boneless skinless chicken breast for $1.69 a pound. They have other events like honey, pies, fruit, pork, beef. If you sign up for this site please use my referral link.


What is your favorite ways to save on groceries? Please share!!!


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