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Free Kindle Ebooks! February 11, 2012

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Love my kindle app on my iPhone – I may never need to buy a book again!

Here a few free books that are out right now – get yours quick before they up the price 🙂


Success Is Not an Accident


Lose weight (52 Brilliant Little Ideas)



Free ebooks for NOOK February 1, 2012

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I know some of you probably have a NOOK so here is the link to the FREE ebooks offered by Nook

FREE Nook Ebooks!

Best part is you can search by subject. I downloaded Nook for my iPhone and now have a ton of options for free! WOOP WOOP!



Free ebook for kindle! January 30, 2012

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For those of us with kids – this one  is a keeper! With all the technology these days, kids need to keep in mind that nothing ‘truly’ gets deleted. Just ask Paris Hilton 😉

click on the link below to download your FREE copy

lol…OMG!: What Every Student Needs to Know About Online Reputation Management, Digital Citizenship and Cyberbullying 


Free ebook for Kindle January 29, 2012

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This one looks like it will be funny for mom’s 🙂

Help, Mom’s Stuck on Spin Cycle: 31 Days to Laugh Your Way through Motherhood 


More Free Kindle ebooks! January 18, 2012

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************EDIT: ADDED ONE MORE!!************


Yes, y’all there are more free kindle ebooks!  This first one is only 24 hours to get the freebie! I just got mine!

How To Be A Money Saving Mom – No BS Tips/Strategies For Moms To Control Credit Cards, Spend Less, and Save More Money!

This next one has some great healthy meal ideas

SMART SCHOOL TIME RECIPES: The Breakfast, Snack, and Lunchbox Cookbook for Healthy Kids and Adults

This one has some money making secrets

Barcode Booty: How I found and sold $2 million of ‘junk’ on eBay and Amazon, And you can, too, using your phone [Kindle Edition]

This one looks funny 🙂

The Book of F*cking Hilarious Internet Memes

I got my free books, did you get yours? 🙂 Enjoy!!


Free E-Book download for Kindle

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I know I am going to download it for sure!


The book is called “How to Unspoil Your Child Fast: A Speedy, Complete Guide to Contented Children and Happy Parents” and you can get your copy for FREE —-> here


Normally this costs 14.99 so hurry and get it while its FREE.


Gosh, I just love the word FREE   🙂


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