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Spring Cleaning February 6, 2012

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Since we did not have much of a winter (not that i’m complaining) I have started making my spring cleaning list. On the to-do list is

  1. Cleaning the washing machine – seriously, who would think you have to clean a washing machine – but ours NEEDS it!
  2. Cleaning the inside of the dishwasher
  3. base boards
  4. grout in the bathrooms – I used to love tile – now I am really no longer a fan
  5. base boards
  6. Micro fiber couches
  7. Deep clean glass top stove/oven
  8. Fans – I always forget to dust the fans
  9. Clean shower head
  10. Closets

Later today I will post cheap, inexpensive alternatives ways to clean your home. Feel free to comment with your tips, tricks and inexpensive cleaning solutions/supplies!


What is on your spring cleaning list?



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