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Zuuuuuumba update! January 30, 2012

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Two weeks ago I posted that I bought the Zumba DVD’s and would report back to y’all. Well I’m excited to report that I have lost a few pounds & inches!


My starting weight – 134   Now 131

Starting measurements 35, 29 1/2, 34   Now  33, 28, 33


I did not alter my eating in any way. It was all the DVD’s.

The DVD’s are so much fun and you really don’t realize that you have just exercised for a hour! I am definitely happy with the purchase and think they were totally worth the money.




zuuuumba! January 15, 2012

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Hey Ya’ll!

I just got my new workout DVD’s to try, the new Zumba Exhilarate. It includes 7 DVD’s and the 1 pound shake weights. I have only gone to two Zumba class. It was super fun but I really need to practice at home before going back. I chose this set at the recommendation of the Zumba instructor who is AWESOME! Like I said in my introduction – I m not a gym person.  The class instructor, Margie is so energetic.  You can truly see she loves Zumba and well, it is just contagious. Everyone in the class was encouraging and did not judge on my lack of dance skills. So here starts my journey into Zumba fitness. I love dancing (notice I did not say I CAN dance) and I hope this keeps my attention.

I ordered my DVD’s from for 83.95. While yes, it was pricy for home workout DVD’s, you do get 7 workouts. I figured that it comes to 11.99 per workout and I can always sell them if I didn’t like them. They hold their value on ebay!

My starting weight (don’t tell anyone!) is 134 pounds.

My measurements are (again, don’t tell anyone!) are 35, 29 1/2, 34

We will see in 2 weeks if there is any change 😉


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