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Spring cleaning continued February 7, 2012

Green and cheap spring cleaning links are here! 

To clean your washing machine – I found a great & cheap idea to use white vinegar! Go HERE to check it out.


To clean fans – use a pillow case! Put the pillow case over each blade and wipe clean – dust stays in the case and not all over the room. Throw is the washing machine (before you wash it ;)) and you will not have a huge mess on your hands!


I don’t know about ya’ll but my micro fiber couches take a beating with a 4 year old and a dog and a messy husband – non of it is my fault of course 😉

I found this amazing idea which I WILL be trying that is supposed to get microfiber looking awesome again and all you need is a spray bottle, rubbing alcohol, a white sponge and a clean scrub brush. CHEAP!!! Check out the tutorial HERE


Have you looked at your shower head lately? Does it have a mineral build up on it? Has the water flow slowed down? I haven’t tried this YET but I will be attempting it this weekend. You can soak your shower head in 1/2 vinigar, 1/2 water solution for a couple hours and it will clean any build up off the shower head.  You don’t even need to take the shower head off. Put the solution in a sandwich size ziploc bag and put on the shower head in the shower. Keep in place with a rubber band! Found this idea here 



What are your favorite cleaning tips??


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